Why Us?

We are specialist business credit insurance brokers, we do not advise on any other classes of insurance and only take on work for clients that we know that we can look after, in the same way that we would expect from our own trusted suppliers.

• We are committed to providing an exceptional level of service to all new and existing clients

• A leading independent specialist company with wide ranging experience in the business credit insurance and insolvency protection industry

• Our service to you is provided at Director level

With approaching 30 years experience in the Credit Insurance industry Paul Humphreys has the expertise and experience to be able to help you to get the best cover for the unique needs of your business. Unlike the majority of our competitors we feel that your future point of contact should be with the person you have negotiated your policy with. This will not only ensure continuity but also that the advice you receive is consistent, expert and given on a personal basis. There is a move in both Credit Insurance and banking away from personal service towards customer service help lines. We firmly believe that this is not the way that you should expect your business to be managed. To us our clients are never policy or account numbers, we get to know them and to understand their business and particularly what is required and expected of us in order to provide an exceptional service.

We use our expertise and buying power to negotiate exceptional terms and conditions on your behalf. We are not tied to any one insurer and we will give you impartial and expert advice from our panel of the worlds leading credit insurance companies. There are a relatively small number of major credit insurance companies and they will provide the same terms to multiple brokers or to a direct approach, which means that once you have decided to take out credit insurance the real question should be who would I trust to help to guide me through the claims process if my biggest customer goes into administration? You will need urgent and expert advice, not a help line or someone who does not understand your business. When you need help or advice you can speak directly to Paul, who will know you, know your business and will be able to help you.

Our service will include the following.

  • An initial market review from a panel of the leading credit insurance companies in the UK, Atradius, Coface, Euler, Tokio Marine HCC & QBE Europe.
  • A meeting to review and finalise proposed terms.
  • A take on and training meeting with key staff on the new policy.
  • At least 1 mid term review meeting a year.
  • A pre renewal review meeting each year, with market review if required.
  • Advise on new export markets and terms of payment.
  • Help and advice with claims, including help with the initial claim form and submission and any ongoing requests for additional information.
  • Advise on difficult credit limits and making the most out of discretionary limits. We will work on getting you the best possible credit limits to allow you to safely expand your business.
  • Advice on credit control.
  • Help and support with notifications of adverse information and overdue reporting to the insurance company.

What will this cost me?

We are paid commission by the insurance company for introducing and managing the business. Unlike certain other classes of insurance there is no loading of the premiums in order to pay for our service. Specialist Business Credit Insurance advisors introduce and manage around 85% of all Credit Insurance business, this buying power and general influence makes it completely uneconomic and not commercially viable for the Insurance Company to offer discounts in return for dealing with them on a direct basis. In the end based on the above why deal direct anyway via a help line or through a broker who does not fully understand the credit insurance market or your business when you can use our expertise to help you to get the very best value for money form you investment in credit insurance.